Anatomy of the human Clavicle bone:

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Clavicle or the beauty bone is one of the two bones that form the shoulder girdle (the other being the scapula).

Brief classification of the human clavicle:
Classification-wise the clavicle fits into the following categories;
On the basis of shape, clavicle is a modified long bone.
On the basis of development, clavicle is membro-cartilaginous bone.
On the basis of structure, clavicle is lamellar bone.

Functions of the human clavicle (Briefly):
The clavicle as described in the classification is a modified long bone. It supports the shoulder so that the arm can swing clearly away from the trunk by transmitting the weight of the limb to the sternum which is included in the axial skeleton.

Anatomy of the human clavicle bone:
The human clavicle bone has a cylindrical part called the shaft and two ends of which one is the medial end (near the sternum) and the other is the lateral end (near the scapula). Each of these is now described in detail;

Medial end:
The medial end (or the sterna end) of the clavicle is quadrangular in shape. It forms the sternoclavicular joint that is the joint between the clavicle and the sternum. The inferior surface of the medial end of the clavicle is extended for the purpose of articulation with the first costal cartilage.

Lateral end:
Lateral end (or the scapular end) of the human clavicle bone is flattened from above downwards. This end of the clavicle bears a facet for the formation of the acromioclavicular joint that is the joint between the acromion process of the scapula and the clavicle.

The shaft of the human clavicle bone is divisible into lateral one third and medial two third.

The lateral one third:
The lateral one third of the clavicle is flattened and it has two borders and two surfaces.
One of the borders is anterior border and the other is the posterior border. The anterior border is concave while seeing from the front and the posterior border is convex.
The surfaces of the clavicle are superior surface and inferior surface. The inferior surface of the clavicle has the attachment of the coracoclavicular ligament. This ligament is attached in two parts. The conoid part is attached to the conoid tubercle of scapula present in this surface and the trapezoid part of the ligament is attached to the trapezoid ridge also present in the same surface.

The medial two third:
The medial two third of the clavicle is rounded and has four surfaces.
The anterior surface which is convex while looking from the front
The posterior surface which is concave while looking from the front
The superior surface which is roughened by the sternocleidomastoid and pectoralis major muscle
The inferior surface where the nutrient foramen lies

Book of human anatomy regional and applied (third edition) by Dr. B. D. Chaurasia.


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