Physiology as a basic medical science

Posted on 9:34 PM by Ahsan Iqbal

Physiology is the science of function that is physiology is that basic medical science which deals with the functional aspect of different structures present in the body. Physiology describes the mechanisms of these functions as well as their importance for survival.
Since the subject of medicine and surgery as a whole is related to identifying and then treating various diseases so the question is that what is the role of physiology in all this.
The answer is simple that is if you don’t know the function of an organ how will you diagnose the problem of that organ because to a patient the problem appears in the normal functioning for example suppose a patient has some hormonal problem which is causing general weakness of the body. Now  if you don’t know the function of different hormones in the body you cannot diagnose and consequently treat the problem and you are just a looser.
So the moral of the story is that physiology is in fact a basic medical science whose knowledge is of utmost importance for medical students.


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